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Dr. Ghormley has been teaching classes for over 16 years in the areas of neurological, physical, and rehabilitative medicine to students, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, and osteopaths.  Classes will resume in Spring of 2022 in-person.

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Craniosacral III Integration with Visceral Manipulation


This is the final class in the C/V manipulation series.  Brain function and neuroanatomy will be the main focus.  Dr. Ghormley will be teaching combined assessment tools and an understanding of the integration of two very powerful modalities at once.  There will be one day w/models to practice all integrations of levels 1 - 3.


Requirement for this course:  completed Level 1 and 2 w/Dr. Ghormley


Class dates:  TBA

Class will start at:  TBA 


Location:  TBA


Cost: Students - TBA

Professionals - TBA 

Craniosacral II Integration with Visceral Manipulation


This is a continuation of the series doing an off-shoot and integration of techniques with craniosacral and visceral manipulation. Craniosacral 2 is about category lesions and Visceral 2 goes deeper w/movement of the GI tract.


Requirement for this course:  Basic anatomy and Craniosacral 1 and Visceral 1 experience.

Class dates: TBA

Location:  TBA


Cost: Students - TBA 

Professionals - TBA 

Pelvic Floor Course


This course will be focusing on female pelvic floor dysfunctions. 


Specific areas that will be highlighted are the ones Dr. Ghormley sees the most in her practice:

Women:  Vaginismus, Postpartum care, Menopausal issues involving urinary incontinence and prolapse.


This course will involve understanding how to do assessments on pelvic floor dysfunctions externally and internally. You will learn how to use these assessments to help with other pathologies such as low back pain, GI dysfunctions and urinary and bowel dysfunctions - to name a few.  This course is designed specifically for the scope of practice of NDs, Midwives, PT, Nurses.  Manual adjustments of the pelvic floor will also be taught in this course.

CE credits are being worked on at this time.  Please check back for total CEs to be achieved for this course.


Class dates:   TBA


Class will start at:  TBA

Class location will be at:


Cost:  Students - TBA

Professionals - TBA 

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